Unlocking Your Vitality Curriculum

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    • How to get the MOST out of Unlocking Your Vitality! READ THIS FIRST and download the eBook here!
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    Welcome to Unlocking Your Vitality!

    • A message from Rachel Varga BScN, RN
    • Why am I doing this for YOU?
    • Before we begin...
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    What you are going to learn!

    • What you are going to get out of this course and working with me! (pages 1-4 of the eBook)
    • The feeling of Beauty!
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    Let's start with your self care habits!

    • Start becoming more self centred!
    • Spending more time on YOU and becoming less busy (page 7 of the eBook)
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    What my most vibrant clients do...

    • What my most beautiful and vibrant clients are doing! (page 8 of the eBook)
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    Keep it fresh!

    • Always learning is key! (page 9 of the eBook)
    • Where are you at?
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    Why is the Body, Mind and Spirit important for Beauty?

    • 8 The Foundations. Dialling in on your body, mind & spirit... (page 10 of the eBook)
  • 8

    Sustainable self care, skin care, treatments and more!

    • 9 Sustainability... (page 11 of the eBook)
  • 9

    Balance your self care!

    • 10 Keep your exercise balanced! (pages 12-13 in the eBook)
  • 10

    Try new exercises this week!

    • 11 Try new exercises... (page 14 of the eBook)
  • 11

    Finding your health provider team!

    • 12 Finding your health guides... (pages 15-16 of the eBook)
    • Need some help finding the diet for your body?
  • 12

    The beautiful mind stuff...

    • 13 Starting your day with meditation... (Dr. Joe Dispenza and Rebecca Campbell as resources for meditation) (page 17 of the eBook)
  • 13

    Getting back to your roots!

    • 14 I'm a tree hugger... (page 18 of the eBook)
  • 14

    Natural beauty?

    • Nature is our medicine... (pages 19-20 in the eBook)
  • 15

    What's your light?

    • 16 What is your driving force? (page 21 of the eBook)
  • 16

    Care for your beauty, health and others.

    • 17 Notice the people in your lives that make an effort for self care and live in a balanced life. (pages 22-23 of the eBook)
  • 17

    Smarter skin care and rejuvenation purchases...

    • 18 Make smarter product and procedure choices... (pages 24-27 of the eBook)
    • Who are those health care guides that I currently trust and how do I find more?
  • 18

    Clean skin science? What's that?

    • 19 What is clean science? (page 28 of the eBook)
  • 19

    Rejuvenation products and procedures that work!

    • 21 Here's a beauty plan that works... (pages 29-30 in the eBook)
  • 20

    Which skin care products are worth it?

    • 22 Getting you on track with a skin health professional! (page 31 in the eBook)
  • 21

    Skin cancer awareness!

    • 23 Skin cancer awareness! (page 32 of the eBook)
  • 22

    Say NO to the saggy skin gimmicks!

    • Ask an expert to make smarter skin and laser choices and avoid the gimmicks (read page 33 of the eBook)
  • 23

    What your skin might be telling you!

    • 24 Listen to your health clues for rosacea and acne tips! (pages 34-35 in the eBook)
  • 24

    Facial pigmentation and rosacea...

    • 25 Tips for melasma and pigmentation - skin care, laser treatments and supplements! (pages 36-40 in the eBook)
  • 25

    It's all about that collagen!

    • 26 Collagen boosting tips with lasers, microneedling and at home derma rolling! (pages 41-42 in the eBook)
  • 26

    The aging process!

    • The aging process, the 5 D's, and the power of thirds. (read pages 43-44 of the eBook)
  • 27

    The truth about injectables!

    • 27 What you need to know about injectables... (pages 45-61 in the eBook)
    • Look forward to more information in the BONUS section!
  • 28

    Rejuvenation planning guide with pre & post tips!

    • Rachel Varga's Treatment planning guide with pre and post treatment tips! (pages 62-63 of the eBook)
  • 29

    The truth about the fat and cellulite treatments!

    • 28 Beware of the cellulite and fast busting products and treatments... (pages 64-65 of the eBook)
  • 30

    Facial and Body surgery and what you need to know before and after!

    • 29 Facial and Body surgery is more common than you think! (pages 66-75 of the eBook)
  • 31

    Face and body surgery overview with pre & post op tips!

    • Rachel Varga's Face and Body Contour Treatment Guide with Pre and Post Op Tips!
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    You made it! The final video!

    • Integrating your knowledge into a treatment plan!
    • Congratulations you completed the course! Refer back to this resource when you are ready to begin your treatments!
    • Conclusion and testimonial! Please email me your feedback at info@rachelvarga.ca Thanks!
    • Course Feedback!
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